The Source Live from PRO*ACT

The Source Live is a web series from PRO*ACT to bring you timely information highlighting upcoming and current trends, potential disruptions, growing region updates, and education throughout the supply chain.

Episode 55 – Naturipe Farms

PRO*ACT team member Hannah Ricci joined Brittany Lee of Florida Blue Farms, a grower for Naturipe, down in Northeast Florida to learn about Blueberries!

We learned about what makes Florida blueberries unique from other growing regions, what this year’s crop looks like, and the different stages of the growing cycle. Additionally, Brittany let us know about how bees play a major role in the pollination process.

Tune in now to learn more about Florida Blueberries from our partners at Naturipe Farms!

Episode 54 – Sunkist

The PRO*ACT team had the pleasure of meeting with our valued partner Sunkist down in Visalia this past week, to do some ‘navel-gazing’ and learn about citrus!

Gerald Denni, the Chairman of Sunkist, gave us a tour of their fields, where we were able to see firsthand how many excellent citrus varieties are currently available and in peak season, including navels, mandarins, blood oranges, and lemons.

This episode also features an overview of sizing, navel and blood orange applications, and an outlook for the coming citrus season.

Episode 53 – Taylor Farms Mexico

On this special edition of The Source Live, we get a look into the market conditions and operations in Mexico with Taylor Farms!

We connected with Diego Hernandez, Director of Ag Operations for Taylor Farms Mexico, who gave us an update on the variety of products that Taylor Farms Mexico is growing in the state of Guanajuato. Additionally, we learned a bit about the transition process in Mexico, and why Taylor Farms made the strategic decision to begin growing in a region outside of the U.S. Although there are misconceptions about product quality from Mexico, Marcela Esquivel, the Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety for Taylor Farms Mexico, quickly dispels those concerns by providing us an overview on how Taylor Farms ensures they are producing product above and beyond any quality and food safety standards.

This Source Live is just a SNEAK PEAK of an exciting new video on sourcing from Mexico, keep your eyes peeled for a more comprehensive look at operations and sourcing from outside the U.S.

Episode 52 – Ocean Spray with Oppy

Just in time for the holidays! We were privileged to witness firsthand the Cranberry harvest in Wisconsin with our partner Oppy, who works with Ocean Spray growers to bring fresh cranberries to foodservice distributors! Take a look at this unique process to see how cranberries make it to your Thanksgiving table! Big thanks to James Loffredo from Loffredo Fresh Produce for hosting this special episode of The Source Live!