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Cousins Creole Tomato Dressing

Cousins Creole Tomato Dressing

Cousins Products has quickly made a delicious name for themselves, supplying their salad dressings and sauces all over the southern United States. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of their restaurant pack of Creole Tomato Salad Dressing! This will be the best dressing you have ever tried!

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WOW! Micro Greens & Herbs

WOW! Micro Greens & Herbs

Wow your customers by being first-to-market with this exciting National trend, by featuring any one of our micro greens on your customer's plate! 

We have a huge selection of Mico Greens and Herbs that will launch your dish to the next level! Dress your plates with the most appropriate enhancements this holiday season! Order your micro green enhancement today!

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Save Time in the Kitchen

Save Time in the Kitchen

With Labor Savers, don’t spend money or time prepping ever again. From diced to chopped to sliced to specific cut sizes, we have it all!

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Where's My Truck Technology

Where's My Truck Technology

It's easy to be confident that your delivery is on-time through real-time customizable emails and texts.

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Always Fresh. Always Easy.

At Capitol City Produce, we know quality goes beyond just the freshness of our products; it is a focus on the quality of the whole customer experience. “Always Fresh. Always Easy.” is our way of saying that from ordering, to delivery, to invoicing, we make sure that our customers have a smooth experience.

Why CCP?

Rooted in History

Founded on April 24, 1947 by the Ferachi family, Capitol City Produce has grown to become one of the most respected and reliable providers of produce in the Gulf Coast region. Known for providing the highest quality produce and superior customer service, we offer everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to seasonal items, frozen products, fresh dairy products and value-added processed items. 

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Capitol City Produce Fleet

We Always Deliver Before Crunch Time

ON-TIME deliveries ensure that before your day gets to crunch time, you have the product already in the cooler, consistently. It’s easy to be confident that your delivery is on time through real-time “Where’s My Truck?” customizable texts and emails confirming the scheduled delivery time, updated delivery time, order arriving soon, and order delivered.