Commodity Alert ! ~ Strawberry Supplies Are Very Limited~


STRAWBERRIES: We are expecting another weather event beginning Monday afternoon on the West Coast. Demand has been moderate on strawberries this week and Baja Mx experienced a large increase in production keeping the market somewhat steady to lower even though Santa Maria and Oxnard had very light production levels. Previous storms had not affected the Baja region but that will not be the case here with this next front.  With this new storm, we expect the market to go higher causing limited availability. Here is what we can expect for next week:


  • Mexico and Florida are finished for most shippers putting increased demand pressure on the West Coast.
  • The West Coast is already saturated and new rainfall may have more of an affect than it normally would delaying the cleanup of the fields and plants.
  • Santa Maria and Oxnard will still be struggling with limited numbers due to the pending rain.
  • The storm will affect Baja as well eliminating the overproduction we had experienced this past week.
  • We expect the overall market to react upward in the high teens to low twenties out of all areas.