Night Order Selector

Night Order Selector 

Check out our NEW pay plan! What has changed? You now have the ability to earn your production pay rate for all hours worked.  Call now to find out more!! 

Experienced Selectors Can Earn Up to $27 Per Hour plus Peak Package Incentives!!

Are you ready for your pay to match your effort and take control of your paycheck?

Our Night Order Selectors begin by earning $17.00 per hour during a ninety (90) day training period. Want to earn more? No problem! Once you hit your training goal, Order Selectors transition to a performance based pay system and have earning potential of up to $27.00 per hour plus a Peak Package Incentive for high production that can add an additional $1.00  - 2.50!!!  

Check out our selection rates!!! We have double pallet jacks so if you want it - you can earn it!

Selection RatesHourly Rate of Pay
Training Period


Selection Rate - Under 200


Selection Rate 200 - 219


Selection Rate 220-239


Selection Rate 240 -249


Selection Rate 250 - 259


Selection Rate 260 - 269


Selection Rate 270 - 279


Selection 280 - 289


Selection 290 & over



As a member of our family owned business, the Night Order Selector is part of a team built with energetic, hardworking people who work together to ship our products accurately and on-time. Your career will begin with a comprehensive training program where you learn to safely select high quality produce in a refrigerated warehouse using an electric pallet jack. Utilizing voice recognition technology, you will locate, select and stack cases of product for delivery to customers. Order Selectors are trained to keep safety their first priority.


  • Must be available to work nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime in a refrigerated warehouse environment.
  • You will begin work at approximately 6:30pm each night routinely lifting and moving 10 to 75 pound cases. The shift ends once all shipping has been completed, therefore shift end times vary but generally end between 3:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.
  • Previous warehouse and electric pallet jack experience is required.
  • To become a member of the order selector team, employees must be able pass a drug screen and criminal background check.


  • Know what you can do to grow! Receive clear and consistent communication on goals and performance to help you thrive.
  • Receive real-time pay!  Have access to your compensation daily!
  • Feel valued as an employee! At Capitol City Produce, relationships matter, and that includes how we treat our team members.
  • Take pride in your workplace! Be part of a proven, stable company that's been growing for over 70 years!
  • Be encouraged to contribute to company success! Your commitment to excellence can make a difference

We have Part Time positions available upon request.

Capitol City Produce is a wholesale produce distributor, located at 1-12 and O'Neal lane in Baton Rouge. We service our customers with fresh fruits and vegetables, local produce, specialty produce, and fresh dairy products. Our delivery area encompasses a 200 miles radius of the Baton Rouge area. We are proud to say that for over 70 years we have remained true to our company’s core values of Customer Service, Quality Products, Respect for the Team, and Integrity.