Night Shift Assistant Supervisor - Robertsdale AL

Night Operations Assistant Supervisor



The Night Assistant Shift Supervisor will work under the direction of the Night Operations Shift Manager and is responsible for directing Floor Leads in the coordination of Order Selector activities concerning the receiving, counting, processing, inspecting, replenishing, storing, packing and locating of merchandise. Maintains stock records and schedules. Performs a variety of complicated tasks. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is required. Responsible for the completeness and correctness of all orders filled. Ensure that the loads are safe, secure, and within DOT regulations. Provide day-to-day supervision and leadership. Plans and assigns work; implements policies and procedures; increases subordinates’ skills and capabilities; and recommends improvements in production methods, equipment, operating procedures and working conditions.




  • Minimum of 5 years prior experience in warehouse operations and supervision required
  • Previous warehouse and distribution experience is preferred
  • Able to interpret financial and operational data
  • Basic computer skills
  • Familiarity with inventory control, OSHA, HACCP and other regulatory requirements



  • Ability to assist the Night Shipping Supervisor and route trucks using Roadnet and Truck-Builder for optimum efficiencies.
  • Prepare and distribute work schedules for Order Selectors and minimize O/T by determining work procedures and expediting work flow on a weekly basis.
  • Monitor productivity reports several times a shift and correct any issues that arise.
  • Print and post productivity report at the end of each shift. Follow up with a consultation with each order selector that is not performing and/or showing signs of improvement.
  • Study and standardized procedures to improve the efficiency of employees.
  • Consult with Night Operations Manager daily on progress and ways to improve productivity
  • Ensure Floor Leads are in their designated work areas
  • Work with the Floor Leads on keeping the warehouse floor clear of all debris and empty pallets to ensure optimum productivity
  • Monitor let down and sanitation productivity. Make sure all slots are replenished when necessary and that the warehouse is always clean.
  • Monitor loading process. Make sure pallets are stacked properly and loaded on to trucks in a timely manner. Manage loader activity.
  • Operates equipment safely and efficiently as required.
  • Interact in a positive manner with the entire warehouse team. Promote team-building among employees.
  • Promote safety and make sure that all employees are working in a safe manner. Strive to create a safety culture with all team members.
  • Fill out all paperwork is filled out completely and properly. Turn in paperwork to appropriate departments for processing by the established guidelines.
  • Assist all team members with any problems or concerns.
  • Issue written and oral instructions.
  • Maintain harmony among employees and resolve any grievances when they arise.
  • Confer with other managers, supervisors and leads in the distribution center to ensure the coordination of all warehouse activities.
  • Confer with other managers, supervisors and leads outside of night operations to ensure their coordination of other functions including production, inventory management and quality assurance,
  • Identify employee skills and develop them further by coaching and counseling employees on a regular basis.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews and provide continual feedback on both positive and negative performance.
  • Manage and evaluate productivity and performance (errors) of an Order Selector daily and address concerns individually.
  • Develop and manage a documented training program for all employees.
  • Approve payroll information and amend time errors
  • Ensure that all paperwork (payroll, terminations, write-ups, etc.) are written accurately and returned in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all critical care orders are addressed and checked for accuracy.
  • Ensure that all reasonable special requests from the sales team are completed and followed up on.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge on WMS and Dakota voice system.